Dear Subscribers,

Please Note: You are solely responsible for all information that you submit to epound and any consequences that may result.

Please follow these simple steps to begin:

Once you have registered for free, you can buy any number of items

If you want to sell items then you are going to have to subscribe as follows:

Click on ‘My Account Menu’
Click on ‘My Shop Set-up’
Choose the subscription option (membership subscription for a £1 per month and there is no limit on how many items you wish to sell from 1-100, you can pay via secure paypal method)
You will then get a notice saying shop membership is valid and will expire on,
And then just follow further instructions
Now you can start selling as many items as you please with no other charges. You can sell either just the 1 item or more. It’s so easy.

All for a £1. It’s the epound promise!

This can also be linked to your facebook and twitter page.

You can also advertise your business and link to your website.

And, don’t forget to download the free ‘epound app’ now available on google play!

Please do contact us with any further comments!